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What is TinyBoy?

TinyBoy is an open design 3D printer. It fits well on a regular computer desk. TinyBoy is designed as an entry-level machine for students and newbies to learn 3D modelling technology and, ultimately, to encourage creative thinking.

Tinyboy 3D printer is ultra-portable by being small. A one-to-one student to printer ratio can be achieved in computer classrooms to maximize the exposure of student to 3D printing technology. Students can also carry the printer around beyond classrooms to engage in their learning activities. On the other hand, it is very usable for education purpose for printing figures, toys and other creations that students like.

Being small also force us to keep the design simple and lean. The cost of material and maintenance is also minimized. The core structure is built from acrylic sheets and connected by metal screws to minimize the cost. The expect bill of material is just around USD$200.

Tinyboy is easy to build. Any student can assemble the TinyBoy by just a screw driver. We wish students can make their own machine and become pioneers to help other people. So that the use of 3D printer can be spread to their families and communities.

The process of making can transform education by inviting students to go beyond being consumers of education. They can be a maker of anything, moving from being directed to self-directed through the process.

Tinyboy is designed to be constructed using acrylic planes. Individual parts can be easily made by using laser cutters. The price of an A5 laser cutter can be as cheap as USD $400. That makes the barrier for small amount production be reasonably low. Mr. Parker Leung, the founder of the project, was teaching Design and Technology in a secondary school. The idea was come up when Mr. Leung was seeking tools on the teaching of the Design and Technology subject.


The project was started at 2011. The first working prototype was first shown to the public at the COSCUP, Taiwan 2013. The TinyBoy was open-sourced at Feb 2015. During the time, the TinyBoy team worked very close with HKCOTA to approach our goal.

The events that we worked with HKCOTA, you could find in HERE.